Christianity Today: Big Families May Get Bigger Tax Bills Under New Plan

Families Valued Director Rachel Anderson was quoted in a story by Christianity Today about the Congressional tax plan that could provide a tax cut to larger families: 

Rachel Hope Anderson, resident fellow at the Center for Public Justice and lead of the Families Valued initiative, also praised the increase in the child tax credit as an acknowledgment of how parenting benefits society as a whole.

“This is a premise with strong grounding in the Christian tradition and our understanding of the family as a socially foundational institution,” she said. “Parents who raise children while working in minimum-wage jobs contribute to our society’s flourishing, as do parents in higher-paying jobs. As the bill is currently written, parents earning below $15,000 wouldn’t receive the full benefit of the child tax credit policy.”

Anderson also voiced concerns about the long-term impact on government revenue and social services. “If there is a decline in revenue, will lawmakers choose to cut programs that help the same families who received the child tax credit? Who will pick up the slack?”

Chelsea Maxwell