New Report Explores the Pressures of Time for American Families Through Faith-based Perspective


“Time to Flourish,” a new report from the Center for Public Justice, examines family life, employment practices and seasons of caregiving from a distinctly Christian lens

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 17, 2018) – The Center for Public Justice today released a new report called Time to Flourish: Protecting Families’ Time for Work and Care, which examines the pressures on family time as it relates to employment and seasons of caregiving. The Center for Public Justice is a Christian civic education and public policy organization that seeks to help citizens and public officeholders respond to God’s call to do justice.

Authored by Rachel Anderson, Resident Fellow with the Center for Public Justice, and Katelyn Beaty, former managing editor of Christianity Today magazine, the report examines the work-related pressures on family time that affect households and offers a theological grounding for workplace and public policies that honor work, rest, and family care. The report is part of the launch of a new CPJ initiative called Families Valued.

“Everyone knows someone who has experienced challenges navigating the boundaries of family time with the dignity of work,” said Anderson, “but so often those conversations happen among family and friends, in the context of expressing worry for a loved one’s health, sheer exhaustion or fear of losing a job. We wanted to raise these issues in a larger, faith-based framework.”

Center for Public Justice CEO Stephanie Summers said of the report, “We believe Christians are called to steward their citizenship in order to shape policies, and cultural norms that honor and protect the family as a socially foundational institution. This report is for Christians who acknowledge that they have a role in advancing the flourishing of families, and offers them a framework so they can take action.”

Among the family-supportive policies advanced by the report is paid family leave, the topic of a recent panel in the U.S. Senate.

Charles Camosy of Fordham University, said of the report “Given our moment of intense political polarization–particularly when it comes to issues of sex, gender, family, and the workplace–Time to Flourish could not have come at a better moment in our public discourse. [It is] … a theologically-robust exploration of how US American families can better flourish in early 21st century culture.”

"As Christians, our concern for family values sometimes comes across as glib talk,” said Richard Mouw, President Emeritus and Professor of Faith and Public Life with Fuller Theological Seminary. “We need, instead, to make a careful exploration of the very real stresses and challenges that families experience in the complexities of contemporary life–combining cultural savvy with a profound grasp of God's gracious design for human flourishing.”

"After interviewing working-class young adults in Ohio, we came to realize how important paid family leave is to strengthen families,” said David and Amber Lapp, both Research Fellows with the Institute for Family Studies. “Christians who care about the family should also care about access to paid family leave."

"If we fail to prioritize supporting and empowering families, then most of our other policy pursuits will be in vain,” said Justin E. Giboney, President of AND Campaign.

The Families Valued initiative extends the Center for Public Justice’s long-standing track record of thoughtful Christian engagement in public life on a range of issues: school choice, religious freedom, welfare reform, and economic opportunity. In the coming year, Families Valued will provide research reports, employer resources and policy recommendations intended to promote work and family flourishing.  

A number of faith-based subject matter experts in work, family and caregiving are available for comment regarding CPJ’s Time To Flourish report.


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Meg Biallas Henry, Director of Communications