Why Should the U.S. Have Paid Family Leave?

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By Chelsea Maxwell

July 28, 2018

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Healthy families have inherent God-given value. Honoring the image of God and the inherent dignity of all people requires honoring all families. However, the demands of work, the need for stable income, and a culture that fails to uphold the family as the cornerstone of community has left American families stressed and struggling. There are mothers and fathers who cannot spend time with their children during critical seasons, such as the birth or adoption of a child. Many sons and daughters are struggling to honor their aging parents. Spouses worry they will not be able to find time to care for each other during periods of serious illness. In his article “Why Doesn’t the U.S. Mandate Paid Leave?“, Donald Roth rightly notes that any successful approach to protecting and ensuring family time must be instituted and developed within our distinct American context. In addition to this observation, we as Christians must ground our approach to paid family leave in God’s intent for family flourishing. With such a principled approach, Christians can begin to engage in the national conversation taking place: should the United States have paid family leave? And if the answer is yes, then what is the best way forward in our American context?


Chelsea Maxwell