Paid Family Leave Is a Balm for Our Anxiety

National Review

January 15, 2019

By Kathryn Jean Lopez and Kelly Rosati

It’s a rare consensus opportunity. It’s no breaking news that Americans are divided and on edge. You see it in headlines, on social media, and probably even in your very own family or circle of friends. Trust in institutions — from government to the church — is low. News tends to be dark. Communication, if you can call it that, is hostile. It’s hard to escape for long the anxiety that seems omnipresent in our country today.

And yet, below the surface of the anger and outrage, there are American families going to work and trying their best. At a time when we so obviously need a renewal of trust, responsibility, love, and courage — the virtuous life — our families are where we sow seeds of peace and faith in the enduring things and hope that there are possibilities in life, and that they can have meaning. Family flourishing is quite simply one of the most critical priorities we face as Americans today. Read More >>

Chelsea Maxwell