The Connection Between Religious Freedom and Paid Family Leave

Chelsea Langston Bombino

In this article written for the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, Chelsea Langston Bombino explores the intersection of religious freedom and paid family leave. 


What Justice Requires: Paid Family Leave

Chelsea maxwell & Jenny Hyde

For the majority of Americans who do not have paid family leave, the unfortunate dilemma of having to choose between economic stability or time with one’s family, the place where children are nurtured and grow, is all too common. The need for strong paid family leave policies in the United States, particularly for low- income families, is a public justice matter that deserves our attention. Understanding God’s design, desire, and love for families is imperative for addressing this policy question.

This report examines the current landscape for paid family leave policies and articulates public justice principles for considering various options. It outlines the right roles and responsibilities that institutions like government, the Church, and businesses must fulfill for upholding the dignity of families, and it provides clear examples of ways that citizens can work for stronger paid family leave policies. By supporting robust paid family leave policies, we can strengthen families and honor God in doing so.


Part of the government’s God-given role is to uphold right relationships between the various elements of society - including the relationship between family and work.