Update:    This report states that HOPE International forbids all staff emails at night and on the weekends. In fact, this rule is followed only by HOPE's development team. We regret the error, and will have an updated report available soon.

Update: This report states that HOPE International forbids all staff emails at night and on the weekends. In fact, this rule is followed only by HOPE's development team. We regret the error, and will have an updated report available soon.

Time to Flourish: Protecting Families' Time for Work and Care

By Rachel Anderson and Katelyn Beaty 

This new report from Families Valued and the Center for Public Justice explores the topic of time as it relates to family life and family stress. 

Drawing upon theological foundations, and weaving in historical and current context, as well as the stories of families from all walks of life, this report presents a framework for which employers and policymakers can consider how institutions can contribute to the flourishing of workplaces and foundationally, families.



Praise for "Time to Flourish"


"If we fail to prioritize supporting and empowering families then most of our other policy pursuits will be in vain. It's time to enact significant Paid Family Leave legislation because strong families are the key to developing strong individuals, strong communities and a strong nation. The Center for Public Justice's Time to Flourish report provides the necessary tools for informed and effective discourse and advocacy on this subject."

Justin E. Giboney, President of AND Campaign


“To be pro-family holistically and meaningfully must include a deep engagement with the systems, policies, and cultural forces that determine our parenting, work, and economic realities. The importance of the family as a key formative institution can scarcely be overstated: if we want a flourishing society, we must have flourishing families. The Center for Public Justice has provided a great resource in Time to Flourish, a model of clarity and depth that holds together both profound theological reflection on the role of families and a pragmatic vision of how to pursue the good of families and the wider world. As a mother, I identify deeply with this exploration of challenges that families face, and as a priest and religious leader, I benefit from the helpful guidance about the political and cultural change needed to guard, protect, and bless this most crucial institution.”

- Tish Harrison Warren, priest in the Anglican Church in North America, and author of "Liturgy of the Ordinary"


“Two gifts that God has established for his image-bearers are the family and work. But too often, in a fallen culture, work and family have been pitted against each other, when in reality, they should flourish side-by-side. I'm grateful for this important work being done by the Center for Public Justice that can help pastors, business leaders, and public officials think through what it means for families to flourish. The church should uphold an ethic that upholds the dignity of our creative acts and our work and also prevents the kind of exploitative practices that often distort our labors and can rob us of our humanity. This report is important and should be carefully engaged. My hope is it is a catalyst for a fresh dialogue on work and family.”

Daniel Darling, Vice-President of Communications for The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, author of several books, including "The Dignity Revolution: Recovering God's Rich Vision for Humanity"


"Given our moment of intense political polarization–particularly when it comes to issues of sex, gender, family, and the workplace–Time to Flourish could not have come at a better moment in our public discourse. Unbound to any specific secular ideology, it is a genuinely open-minded, theologically-robust exploration of how US American families can better flourish in early 21st century culture. Gone are the assumptions of the culture wars. The castigation of 'the other side' is missing. These are replaced with a refreshing invitation for readers with many different kinds of political commitments to engage evidence and arguments. Readers will be richly rewarded for so doing."

Charles Camosy, Associate Professor, Fordham University


“As Christians, our concern for family values sometimes comes across as glib talk. We need, instead, to make a careful exploration of the very real stresses and challenges that families experience in the complexities of contemporary life--combining cultural savvy with with a profound grasp of God's gracious design for human flourishing.”

Rich Mouw, PhD, President Emeritus, Professor of Faith and Public Life, Fuller Theological Seminary


"After interviewing working-class young adults in Ohio, we came to realize how important paid family leave is to strengthen families. This report fills a gap in the current conversation by making a strong case for why Christians who care about the family should also care about access to paid family leave."

David and Amber Lapp, Research Fellows with the Institute for Family Studies


“Over 18 million California workers are already covered by the California Paid Family Leave policy. Anyone interested in understanding why we should consider expanding such family policies to protect and enable families to provide adequate care particularly at critical times— birth, adoption, illness and death— should read this Center for Public Justice report. The authors provide a Christian perspective for experiencing the harmony of work and family life as well as practical principles and recommendations for workplace leaders and policy makers.”

Stephanie C. Boddie, PhD, MSW, Baylor University and author of several research articles including "Healing communities: A framework for congregations in their ministry to families affected by incarceration" (2010)


“The report Time to Flourish reminds us that all spheres and seasons of life–work and rest, home and society—are sacred. This timely report speaks especially to faith communities who should take the lead in both adopting and advocating for public benefits, like a paid Family/Medical Leave, that can contribute to family flourishing.”

Rev. Amy Ziettlow, Holy Cross Lutheran Church and author of "Homeward Bound: Modern Families, Elder Care and Loss"