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New Resources in November

Register for a webinar showcasing our latest thought-work on building family-supportive workplaces. Registrants will also receive exclusive access to our new, practical resource book, which includes sample workplace policies.

This webinar is for both employers and employees, because by working together we build strong families.


Webinar: Family-Supportive Practices in the Sacred Sector

March 2019

How well do faith-based organizations do in providing a family-friendly culture and workplace policies?  Researchers at Seattle Pacific University’s Center for Integrity in Business, in partnership with the Center for Public Justice, surveyed family-supportive practices in four types of faith-based workplaces: education, healthcare, charitable service providers, and congregations. 


Report: Family-Supportive Practices in the Sacred Sector

January 2019

Researchers from Seattle Pacific University’s Center for Integrity in Business and the Center for Public Justice conducted interviews with faith-based organizations on their internal family-supportive practices.

Looking for a short summary? Download the executive summary.

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The first of our resources for workplaces are available to participants in the Center for Public Justice's Sacred Sector initiative.

Sacred Sector is a learning community for faith-based organizations and emerging leaders within the faith-based nonprofit sector designed to help faith-based organizations integrate and fully embody their sacred missions in every area of organizational life. Family-supportive workplace policies are one way that faith-based organizations can live out their sacred mission in every area of their organizational lives.

Are you a nonprofit organization or seminarian interested in organizational effectiveness? Contact us to learn more about participation in the Sacred Sector and accessing the Sacred Sector's comprehensive resources and training.